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Living in the Present

For the past couple of years more scientists are studying the benefits of living in the present. As I woke up this morning I thought about all the caregivers that are worrying so much about their future. I have heard things like "But what if he doesn't change", "Will this situation going to be like this forever?" "If he doesn't get the retirement or rating we are expecting, we won't be able to support our family" and many more concerns about the future. All these concerns are legitimate and many times takes part in our dreams, take time from our sleep and it is revolving constantly in our minds. When thinking on all these this morning I couldn't avoid but reflect on it. During my “me” time this morning I thanked God for all the wonderful things in life, because definitely could have been worst. Pretty much we can all relate to knowing someone who is worse than us, but that is not the point. The important thing is recognizing that we all h