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Catching up....

It has been quite some time since I last wrote. There have been many new developments in our lives. Very good news is that our cause to bring awareness has been picking up and more people are looking for ways to help spread the word. I had the opportunity to go to the State of the Union Address last January and needless to say it was an amazing experience, thanks to Congressman Reyes and his wife Carolina, it was like a dream come true. We have also participated of numerous events as well as helping families cope with this new normal in their lives. On February I participated of a weekend retreat for Wounded Warrior Wives (WWW). This organization is helping the WWW community in ways that I cannot finish to describe. One of the many commitments they do is that they take this retreat around the Nation. For more information go to and sign up to become a member (it is free). Anyway, I spent a weekend with other WWW and I realized that each of our cases