Relationships and TBI, it is all about good memories...

Today I am on my way back home form a business trip. During my flight I am thinking “I am so happy that everything went well”. I felt this business trip was a productive one, professionally speaking and in a personal way too. I had the opportunity to see people that live their lives meaningfully and in a productive way. I had the opportunity to shared with my colleagues and everyday I reminnd myself how blessed I am to have amazing people in my life. It is a delight to see how engaged they are and how they approach everything with the highest professionalism and excellence in all they do. Their satisfaction is to accomplish so much for those who needs it the most. I am very fortunate to have had the opportunity to share with my colleagues and friends. We all work hard with one mission in mind, “improve the healthcare”. One sad part of the story is that my friend Alex is leaving to India for 2 years and I know I am going to miss her but I’m also happy because I know it will be one of the most wonderful experiences she will have in life. If you remember my friend Alex, she is the one I mentioned in my first post and the friend who was with me when I last spoke with my husband before the injury. My husband sustained the injury hours after that call and that day my life turned 180 degrees (remember that post?).

I believe in the value of healthy relationships. Relationships are fruitful when they are healthy. There is no more joy than having a cup of coffee or tea with a good friend and share memories or be with someone you love and talk about anything that makes you both happy. In our case, my husband and I have a coffee room. How this room started? Well, my husband was on deployment from 2006-2007 and I knew he was coming home from a second deployment and the probability that he saw more than the first deployment was high. I needed to do something that could represent comfort, joy and that could sparkle good memories, just like a safe place. Our coffee room is upstairs and has two rocking chairs and coffee brewer and various thematic decorations, all about coffee. This room has been our comfort zone, we use it to read, talk or just spend a good time there sharing memories. You may be wondering, “And why is she telling me all these”? Well little by little you will be able to create a complete picture of our life and hopefully what we do will help you in the healing process or as a caregiver. Why rockin chairs? I thought of that because PTSD symptoms are usually trigger by the lack of readjustment or resilience and a rockin chair will provide movement while talking so all the energy and anxiety could be release with the back and forth motion as well as it creates a sense of comfort. So far it helped my husband.

So let me share with you a little bit about what do I do to help my husband keep the motivation up. At home we create a very soothing environment, the colors, the objects etc. We do have various fountains in strategic places, (entrance, kitchen, coffee room and bedroom). These are helping my husband relax and feel pleasant emotions within himself. We also take care of our internal environment, spiritually. I have to admit that I would like to be more conscious in what I eat but I love candies and sometimes I have things that I shouldn’t so lets see, maybe one day I will be determined about that aspect ;) We also have a dog, which we say it is our daughter Thanya, she is amazing. She maintains us very active and she is just so good and joyful. Well in general my husband and I work as a team to create an environment (internal and external) that will help us balance things in life.

I am only 3 hours to see my husband and I am very excited, especially because today is Friday and tomorrow we are celebrating his birthday party with our closest friends, so the house will be full. Our friends have kids so we even rented a jumping ballon, it will be a huge celebration of life and one more year that God let us be together. I think our life is awesome and we just feel so blessed we are able to share so many experiences together that in the future will be transformed into memories.


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