Celebrating life...

Today is my husband's 35th birthday and he is here with me HURRAY!!!! Last year a day like today he was being mobilized to get a CT scan to assess his condition. He spent his birthday alone and my care package never arrived to him because he was in a deifferent location in Iraq and then he was transported to the hospital in Germany. Yes, it was difficult for me to think about it but being a military wife you adapt to many situations, those who are military wives understand what I am talking about :)

Today we are celebrating life, one more opportunity to reconsider the important things in life. Those who are in my Facebook and my friends know that I am all about "MEMORIES AND EXPERIENCES". The experiences we can only obtain by living them and then those moments are transformed in memories. Money and position cannot buy these two, so that is why for me is so important to live every minute like it is the last one and make the most out of it. I enjoy my friends and I tryly believe that everybody has a story, so I enjoy listening to these stories. Believe it or not that is how history was made, by storytelling. Nobody will know your story better than what you do, so don't be ashamed and share it.

I always look for the positive in ALL. One of the positive things of my husband's TBI is that now he has the sensitivity to look at others adversities. Before I felt it was just me and he would say that I take everything too sensitive. He is now more receptive to other's stories and more willing to listen to others. Now he networks and share his experiences, before he was very restricted. I am very happy that he has been able to experience the love and support of a BI community that has been there all these years and just happened that by his wounds they found him. To those who are making a difference in my husband's life I say "THANK YOU", you have been a blessing in our life.

Like I said before "MEMORIES AND EXPERIENCES", these two money cannot be acquired other than by lived experiences, so you either live it or not. Take advantage and make these memories an important part of the treasures in your heart, you won't regret it. Can you remember anything taht will bring a smile to your face? Yes, then you are experiencing the value of good memories. if you answered no, maybe your life wasn't what you expected and nothing brings happiness but would you take a moment and reconsider, maybe there will be something that will sparkle that smile and if you still don't find anything please then write to me I may be able to send you some sunshine that will bring that light to your darkness :)

The purpose of this blog is to create awareness among caregivers and send the message of "PLEASE DO NOT GIVE UP" and like I always say "LOVE & CARE BUT NEVER FORGET TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF'.

Today we are celebrating life and all our friends that are BI survivors are so blessed that they made it. I tell my husband and repeated this morning, "I am so glad you survived that explosion and I am so blessed that you are here with me, I love you and I don't care that you may not be the same, I love the new you". One thing my husband doesn't forget is how to make me fall in love with him everyday.

With Love


  1. I absolutely love this post - your love for Victor is amazing,.. I especially like the way you closed this post,.
    "One thing my husband doesn't forget is how to make me fall in love with him everyday."
    That is the sweetest thing I have heard in such a long time,.. I'm so glad he survived and is at home , celebrating life, you two are truely truely blessed and deserving of it !!!

  2. Beautiful post!
    Nice blog. Love the way you talk about him.

    I'm your newest follower. Glad I bumped into your blog. Hope you come visit me too one of these days. :)



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