Military Life!

“Somewhere in Time”, I watch this movie for the first time when I was 5 years old, my sister and I watched it approximately 25 times. I do not know what it was but I always found the end so romantic.

When I married my husband I promised to loved him and care for him in health and sickness, no matter if we were poor or wealthy. Hmmmm! Those vows are serious and people are not paying too much attention to what they are commiting. I guess in today’s society divorce is an easy option if the marriage does not work according to plans. Everyday we are moving to the comfort zone of “If I do not have it perfect I just quit”. Please do not take this introduction in a wrong way, as much as I do not like divorces I am not against it. I do not believe in suffering a relationship that does not work or abuses, etc. Those who know me know that I am feminist, mostly described by the equality of genders beleiving that women should get as far as she wants without subjecting herself or family to unhappiness. This is a sensitive subject but I do not want to construct a bad idea of what I mean.

When I married my husband I was 23 and starting graduate school. Oh, what a support I received from him, it was an amazing experience having his love and his help. Sometimes II would come home at 1am because I was studying and in other instances I was traveling to conferences. My husband never obstructed my dreams. He was an accountant and he was succesfully working in what he devoted 4 years of college. I remember one day in 2002, my husband came home and said “ I would like to join the active duty Army”, he was a reservist when we dated but he was almost done with his contract when we married, si he was out of the service for 2 years. My husband always loved to be a militarya nd took pride of it. We were raised in a military academy and then at 18 years old he enlisted in the reserves and he went to college. When he told me that he wanted to joing the Army, he did it with hesitation, maybe thinking that I would say no. I saw in his eyes his desire and I was in my last year in graduate school finishing my thesis. I have to admit that I felt fear because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan but that did not stop me from saying “Yes I will support you”.

Now after 8 years of that day I look back and all I see are wonderful accomplishments. We have met wonderful people. The military is like a family, we laugh together and we cry together. My husband always accomplished his mission with excellence. The experience my husband had with the care at the military hospital is not a reflection of the overall entity but the failure of some. I have seen changes and I am hoping for the best. Living by the Army Values is not a desire but a duty and that is the message my husband and I want to transmit.

I am a very proud Army Wife and I do not regret the day we became a military family, it has been an experiential journey of love, courage and hope. I am committed to support my husband whatever this journey may take us. Are you ready to share the journey with your loved one? this step may bring the relationship to a new dimension of happiness, do not hold on your emotions.


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