Nothing like the love of my little sister

Today I received a beautiful e-mail from my sister. What she doesn't know is that she answered so many questions I had, like, "Did I ever do enought to be a role model or a good big sister?" Little she knows that her e-mail just made my day and more than that, she made shine a big smile that will never fade away. Please meet my loving "little" sister Melissa, my best friend, my confident and the one who knows me better than anyone else, because we laught, we cried and we shared the best memories of my first 23 years of life. She is a great love in my life! Now unfortunately we live so far away.

Melissa said,

A couple of days ago, you wrote in your blog having a knot in your throat when you woke up from a dream with Victor as he was in the past. That you felt ashamed for just dreaming that, even if you have no control over your dreams. I guess most of the spouses in your position dream about it once in a while, which doesn’t make you a bad person, just human.

Since I was a little girl, your little sister, you always have cared for me, even though we had (and have) an excellent mother, you took your big sister role very seriously, and to this date I can tell you that you have not drop the ball…not even once. I have always seen you put together, optimistic, devoted, and God loving…this remains the same after all these years. Even if the situation is stormy, you always treated everyone with love and respect, even those who I have always thought deserve otherwise, but you have taught me with your actions, what a million words can’t say.

I know what you have been through and I know how strong you have always been, but just can’t imagine the endurance to face all that you have with achieving all that you do. As your little sister, your only sister, I have always wanted to give back all of that you have given me and it is frustrating that I just get to see from a distance and be so afar just thinking if the prayers and the love would be enough to payback the comfort that you always shown. It really messed me up for a couple of days what you wrote, but no regrets because this is what most of the spouses feel and live every day. You always told me that it will get better and it did, but now I can tell you this with constrain in my heart, not knowing if I can held my part of the bargain, this is only with faith.

I just want for other family and sisters to know how important it is to stay in touch and having little details that will make the ARMY spouses supported and loved. This is not the time to dwell on the past, but to foresee what’s to come and how we could be a tool for improvement, an instrument for building a new and improve future. This is the time to regain strength and build hope, faith, and honor within our own skin. We should all fight for what we have lost, and battle for a future fill with hope and dreams.

This I want everyone to know, because the TBI soldier is not the only one who needs a healthy support group, this does not heal the pain, but will ease it. As a family, sister, friend, and/or colleague if you know a ARMY spouse, be able to reach out, even if it does not seem that need it, and tell them: Hi! I know that you are living a difficult situation; I don’t know if you want to talk about it, but let me just tell you that I am praying for you and your family and if there is a moment that you need support, you can count on me and I will lend a hand (or an ear) when you need it.

I am so proud of what you do and I am convinced that you know can count on me whenever you need me even if am am so far away, and that what you are doing with your blog is helping more than you ever know to those who will maybe never see you but will be touched by your so always sweet words of wisdom and faith.

Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.
-Harriet Tubman

Love, Mely ;)


  1. Just beautiful. How wonderful to have such love and support in your life. There are always challenges....goodness knows there are more than enough of those...then, you get something like this and realize someone is watching you and learning and appreciating from you just living your life with what comes your way...and it makes it all more worthwhile.

  2. WOW how great that is! Family is everything, I know cause I have it too. God Bless them all for sticking with us. I feel so bad for those that don't have them in their lives. I'm so happy you do.

  3. Thank you both for your comments. I am so blass with the family I have. I have two wonderful parents that are our great supporters, my sistem is a gem. She works in VA and she has the compassion and I just feel so PROUD of her. her husband also cares for veterans in VA and they both make sure everyday they make a difference in someone's life. I am very bless to ahve also friends like you. Hugs!!!


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