Love and Duty

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a wonderful week full of good experiences. In 2002 when my husband joined the army as an active duty soldier I was so proud and I am still very proud to call myself an army wife. The military prepares and trains very hard to accomplish their mission and that is one of the reasons they are the best military system in the World. We, the spouse and family members play an important role in the life of soldiers. Broken and unhappy families will not contribute positively to the life of the service member.

After my husband's injury, my role was not only as a wife but also I was the cheerleader in his time of sadness and sorrow, his shoulder to lean on when he was falling down, his good listener and his best friend. Despite my own sorrow, pain and frustration, I did it ALL because of Love and Duty. I love my husband dearly and I was ready to fulfill the commitment as a wife and more specially as an army wife. My husband's heart is to return to duty and that is something I do not want to take from him. For now that is still just a dream.

If you are a caregiver, please don't give up, support your loved one, walk by their side and please do not let them down. This is my new mission but despite my new responsibilities I did not give up my goals and dreams, they were just redirected to a new path, a new mission and purpose in life. Identify those skills that you can enhance and acquire new ones that will help you thrive. Like I said before, create a new version of you, an upgraded one. Love is my main drive but as an army wife also duty I feel is responsible for me being so committed. If I do not do my part and contribute with the healing process of my husband then the army will have more burden. We the caregivers in the military can help them tremendously in their efforts to care for our Soldiers. I hope one day they can recognize that they can count with us and we are here ready to fulfill a duty with love.

Hugs and have a wonderful weekend!


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