Home is the comfiest place to be…

The other day (Friday) my husband gave me gift, an improvissed gift. It was a nice surprise since he used to do that all the time before the injury. He used to come home with gifts and nice details even if we were not celebrating anything. In celebrations he always make sure he made it very special and that never changed, but the sporadically gifting did. Not that now he is not caring but I guess his mind is in so many other things and he does not go shopping by himself which he usually did in past. Anyway, he gave me a beautiful card that reads as follows:

“Ask me about my day and I’ll tell you…
I spent it being grateful for your tenderness, thanksful for your soft caress-

Ask me and I’ll tell you….
That I whispered a little thank you in my heart because you are beautiful on the inside, too… so sweet, so sensitive. You care about me, laugh with me, and believe in me, sometimes more than I do myself.

Aks me about my life and I’ll tell you….
That it’s changed, I’ve changed –all because of you,
You inspire me to be a better man, wiser, stronger, more giving.
A man who looks forward to each new day of living,
because I can spend it thinking of you, being with you, loving you.”

This card and a beautiful message from his heart. Also a plaque that says “Home is the comfiest place to be”. This message makes me happy because it means that home is a safe place, is comfort and full of love.

It is nice to be recognized for the efforts especially when they are just driven by love. I love my husband and I am in love with the new version of him . Yes, he is different in so many ways but some new characteristics are even better than before. One of them is his compassion toward others, now he pays more attention to others pain and suffering. Another thing that I love of his new version is the way he is looking at life, he appreciates everything in his surroundings, he pays admires nature like never before and he took a cause that he never even was aware existed. He is an advocate to improve how traumatic brain injury is perceived and treated. These are some of things that keep my drive, what gives me hope and what puts a smile on my face everyday.

As a caregiver I hope you have been recognized for your efforts because it is not an easy task, it is more like a responsibility and commitment, something that is better when it is done for love. If you are a brain injury survivor, please take moment and recognize your caregiver, that person that gives her/his all to make it better for you. I tell you it is so rewarding and special that it is like reenergizing our strengths to keep going forward in the route of hope.



  1. Thanks for posting this. When my husband was in a hospital bed he collaborated with his nurses to order me a white orchid, like the ones I wore in my hair on our wedding day. He also wrote something very special in the card. I have it on my mirror so I can be reminded that he does care and appreciate me.

  2. WHere is the kleenix??? WOW that is sooo beautiful! My TBI has been such a blessing to me cause I have met some of the GREATEST people because of it. lOve you guys and stay happy!

  3. Thank you Cheryl and Lee! Yes, my husband is very special but has been a long time since he actually go by himself and pick a surprise. The most special part was the plaque, shich by the way I should post the picture. I'll do tonight. Thanks ladies, youa re a great support and so special in our lives :)

  4. The sentiment in this one is wonderfully heart warming. You and Victor are sooo fortunate to have each other. The way you two support and grow and appreciate each other is admirable.

    PS: Luv the format!!!


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