Hiking to Hope

So a few weeks ago I was in a business travel in Colorado. By the way what a beautiful city of Colorado Springs. Everything is so gorgeous, the nature, the birds, the mountains and I can keep going and going.

Well, my husband went to visit me and we had a great weekend. We went hiking, yes you heard right, HIKING!!!! I was nervous but really, how do you know there is progress if you don't try it. It was not a horrible hike, it was a trail going to the top of the mountain. Just imagine going hiking with my husband who has bad balance issues and dizziness. I have to say that I am so proud of him. Yes, it took us double or triple the time it takes anybody else but we made it. I actually filmed him on video and I captured how he used strategies to keep it straight and make it to the top of the mountain and down. He does not know about the video but I will tell him, maybe he likes it and posted in his blog :)

I thought about taking this video because it is not about limitations with brain injury, is about how far you can go applying your strategies and I wanted to capture that. Overall we had an amazing time and we enjoyed outdoors that for a long time we hadn't. By the way let me clarify that my husband had permission to do this activity and now the rehab center incorporated hiking as part of therapy so he goes here in El Paso with the rehab team.

Thinking about that weekend makes me feel very happy that we can do things together and can share many things, some are things that we invented after the brain injury. Some we had to let go like the motorcycles and sudoku (advance). Like any other caregiver I do have my ups and downs but I always like to reinvent and do things that will help me maintain a good mood. If I let myself down I would not be able to be there emotionally for my husband when he needs me the most. I do get sad, I am human, but memories and experiences like the hiking makes me smile and with enthusiasm of going forward to support and be there for him. I hiked behind him all the time but he was so concentrated of the balance and trying to avoid dizziness that he did not noticed at all the video but I will tell him tonight so just in case he reads this posting :)



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