Do you have a lemon? Let's make lemonade together

Dear friends,

Yes! it is true that I haven't taken full responsibility on writing here. I have to admit that the last time I wrote I was writing in tears so I got a little bit scared of writing. I want to be strong and not cry or show emotions. If you are reading my husband's blog you will understand all that we have been going through. I have spent most of my time writing to Senators, Congressmen and others that can change the healthcare system for our Wounded Warriors.

The other day I was making some tea and had a lemon in my hands. I looked at it and thought about what my mom always said, "if somebody throws a lemon at you, just catch it and make some good lemonade, then share it with that person". That is exactly what I have been trying to do. I am transforming my sorrow and pain to happiness and joy. Let us work together and unite to make changes, ones that will serve well and will help our wounded soldiers and their family members. We can look back and become miserable about what happened or we can look forward and set new goals that will help transform our lives forever. One message I want to share is that we should never give up, we have to count our blessings and we will always succeed.


  1. You are always such an inspiration.

  2. Writing can be scary sometimes, sharing emotions is not an easy thing to do, especially when its your own and your sharing them publicly. I admire you for your toughness and outlook on things, but know that it is allright to share the moments when your not feeling so tough, after all we are not machines, we ALL are humans and we All have a heart, and sometimes through sharing our heart breaks, helps others to know they are not alone as well. when one writes from the heart, happy or sad it a powerful thing, and only good can come from it in the long run.


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