Are you ready to show your commitment?

When my husband and I married on May 29, 2000 I knew we had a lot of things we were going to share. We dated for four and a half years and we were just a 19 and 20 years old couple of students with big aspirations. I always saw how my husband was determined, responsible, kind, intelligent and many more beautiful qualities that made me fall in love with him. One other thing, he was so funny that automatically my parents fell for him too.

These 10 years have been wonderful. Why I am telling all these? well as a caregiver sometimes things can be frustrating but I always look back and know that many of the things that frustrates me now are the result of the brain injury. If I need to repeat the same thing 5 times because my husband forgot he already asked me or if as the result of impulsivity he does something I did not think was right, those are the moments I have to remind myself that I am wearing the shoes of a caregiver. Sometimes I meet spouses that say, "I was not expecting this and I did not ask for this", well I am sure your loved one did not expect a BI either and if for us is frustrating at times, for them is even worst. One thing that I tell caregivers is, "please do not give up, look for ways to reach happiness". I am talking to a general audience and I understand each case is different. I am just sharing from my perspective under my circumstances and I hope it will help you in your journey of care for your loved one.

One thing that I will always emphasized, love and care but never forget to take care of yourself.


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