National Intrepid Center of Excellence

In the past two weeks my husband and I have been in Bethesda MD at the National Intrepid Center of Excellence (NICoE). My husband was referred for further evaluation for his traumatic brain injury (TBI). It has been an amazing experience that I will be writing about in my next posts. I wanted to stop by and let everyone know that we are doing great, we are enjoying of some EXCELLENT treatment and we will share our amazing experience.

This is a time that has been bringing Hope to us. Please continue to raise your voice and never give up because every day it is a new one, so are you ready to see the Sun shine one more time?

With Love!


  1. I just accidentally found this blog of yours. My husband got to NICoE on Tuesday. His name is Capt. Michael O'Farrell. He walks with a cane and has a craniotomy scar on his head. Have you seen him there? I'm jealous you are there with your husband!

    Denise O'Farrell

  2. Is your husband still Active Duty? I heard you have to be in order to get treatment there.

  3. Thanks for your comments. Spouse of a Wounded Soldier, yes he has to be active duty, unfortunately. We shared our opinion about it so lets see maybe one day the NICoE will have the capability to accept retirees, I hope so :)

  4. Hi Denise, I just sent you an e-mail :)


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