I am Thankful for....

Last week we celebrated "Thanksgiving Day". While many people were navigating the stores to find sales we were having a wonderful time in Atlanta. We went to Atlanta for the wedding of Erika Porter, my husband's best friend and his Platoon Leader while in Iraq. She was in the same mission when my husband was wounded. She is a wonderful friend and we enjoyed every minute of the Thanksgiving and wedding day. We met her wonderful family to include all the generations, from grandchildren to great-granparents. They are all from Atlanta and they all welcomed us as part of their family.

My husband and I also met two wonderful professionals and human beings, committed to help others, especially those with traumatic brain injury. I cannot compete with my husband's eloquent description of Dr. Rachel Lacy and Tracy Quantum so please go to www.tbiwarriors.blogspot.com and read it for yourself. My husband became in contact with them but not in a ordinary way, it was special and even more special was our encounter and all that we shared.

There are so many things that I have to be thankful for and as I meditated last week about all the marvelous blessing I have in my life, I could not stop thanking enough for having my husband with me. I sometimes adventure in thinking how life would be without my loving husband, he is my best friend and it made me realized how precious is to have him here. I am so bless to have my husband here with me, no matter the circumstances, he is alive and there is so much we have to be thankful for. Seeing my husband advance and improve has been a great experience, we walk the healing journey together and it is so rewarding. At first was difficult to adjust and comprehend a better way to make sense of everything, but now it is like a train that found the right tracks. Now things seem to be less painful. My husband motivation and enthusiasm to chage how the world sees TBI is his energy and passion. His new mission in life is providing new meaning, new sense, new direction and a new life, like he says "This is my new beginning".

I am thankful for all my friends, supporters and for wonderful parents and sister. Everyday I receive words of encouragement and love. Everyday I learn somebody else is praying for us and everyday I listen to the new tune of music in my heart that says "Roxana everything will be fine, everything is just how it needs to be to fulfill a purpose". I believe that in life nothing happens by chance, but that everything has a purpose and it is not what the circumstances brings to your life, but what you make out of it.

Finally but in no way less important, I am thankful because my spiritual faith in God have been my strength and because of that I am still standing firm and haven't fall, it is one of the greatest blessing of my life, God's Love and Grace!


  1. What a blessing you are to each other and how fortunate you both are to have each others support. His TBI is also bringing you together in a new way and bringing many wonderful people in to your lives. Much to be thankful for indeed!


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