Christmastime is usually a very happy and joyful season to many. I remembered 2004 was my first Christmas by myself and I didn't have any other wishes than having my husband back home, by then he was in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The other night I was thinking about the spouses of deployed soldiers and how they are spending their Holidays and the spouses of wounded soldiers spending days and nights in a hospital next to the bed of their loved ones. "I'm blessed" is the phrase that comes to mind everyday, my situation can be much worst and it isn't.

My husband has a brain injury and during this time of rush and celebration I tend to forget he cannot do things the way he used to. After a brain injury it is all about using strategies and modifying life pace and habits. This second Christmastime after his brain injury I knew that I had to plan ahead, buy most of the things online and take it slower than in the past. If we had an activity at night that means my husband needs to rest during the day so he doesn't suffer a "short circuit" as we called it. After many hours of activities my husband tells me he literally feels the brain exhaustion and he feels he suffers a "short circuit". We say it so normally that sometimes I forget that is not a real term for a human so the other day I told him while at the store, "honey let's go before you suffer a short circuit" and there was a guy standing there, looking at me like, what did you say? Oops.

I took two weeks off from work and since I finished this semester of school I'm just relaxing and spending quality time with my husband, that is one of the reasons I haven't been writing. I surely missed the old days and all the things we used to do but again, do I regret it? NO, I'm happy living this new normal, it is just a matter of accepting and moving on, creating new memories for the future ahead. What I like the most about the Holidays is the family time, the good memories from the past, the great food ;) and the reappearance of old friends. I love receiving cards and this year I received many, so thank you to all of you who took the time to send a card with all your love.I didn't know there was a huge brain injury community out there and most of all I didn't know they were so united, they have poured their love to us.

What can I say, life can bring unexpected circumstances when you thought you had all planned but move on because this year will not come back. I tried to make the best out of it so it could be engrave in my memories as one that although challenging was full of love and blessings, that is all that matters.


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