Living in the Present

For the past couple of years more scientists are studying the benefits of living in the present. As I woke up this morning I thought about all the caregivers that are worrying so much about their future. I have heard things like "But what if he doesn't change", "Will this situation going to be like this forever?" "If he doesn't get the retirement or rating we are expecting, we won't be able to support our family" and many more concerns about the future.

All these concerns are legitimate and many times takes part in our dreams, take time from our sleep and it is revolving constantly in our minds. When thinking on all these this morning I couldn't avoid but reflect on it. During my “me” time this morning I thanked God for all the wonderful things in life, because definitely could have been worst. Pretty much we can all relate to knowing someone who is worse than us, but that is not the point. The important thing is recognizing that we all have our own and unique circumstances that many times we cannot change, so the question is "How are we going to live with this situation in our lives?”

It is not a simple matter and definitely complicates our daily emotions, it is like being in an emotional rollercoaster, hanging in there, tolerating the rapid and fast turns, creating that pressure in our chest and taking our breath away. That is the reason that this morning something came to my mind:

"Don't make Today the tomorrow you anxiously awaited because soon it will become the yesterday that will never come back. Live in the present. Each day is unique so make the most out of it."

Today is a day that will never come back, it is the day that so desperately we were worried about yesterday and soon it will be the past. If we live everyday worrying about tomorrow, WE WILL miss the opportunity of living the day that is quickly passing through, we will not create memories for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will look back and notice that we missed every second worrying so much. We will not have precious memories in our "life's treasure box" and we will be sad for a past that went by too fast. It just reminded me a passage in the Bible that says:

“So do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring worries of its own. Today’s trouble is enough for today." Matthew 6:34

Let's start building a very robust link of memories and I challenge you to start taking each day as a unique, special one in your life. I do not say that it is easy but it just takes a grain of faith and abundance of hope. I wish you, all my caregiver friends, a beautiful, joyful and peaceful time of the year. Celebrate based on your convictions (for me I celebrate Christmas) and be Happy, after all we all live one day at a time , to the best of my knowledge we cannot go back to the past or jump to the future, so let's live today for what it is, "the present that will build our future, or the gates to the future" Hugs!


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