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It has been quite some time since I last wrote. There have been many new developments in our lives. Very good news is that our cause to bring awareness has been picking up and more people are looking for ways to help spread the word. I had the opportunity to go to the State of the Union Address last January and needless to say it was an amazing experience, thanks to Congressman Reyes and his wife Carolina, it was like a dream come true. We have also participated of numerous events as well as helping families cope with this new normal in their lives.

On February I participated of a weekend retreat for Wounded Warrior Wives (WWW). This organization is helping the WWW community in ways that I cannot finish to describe. One of the many commitments they do is that they take this retreat around the Nation. For more information go to and sign up to become a member (it is free). Anyway, I spent a weekend with other WWW and I realized that each of our cases are so different but we all share something in common, we love our Warriors and we are willing to run the extra mile for them. I met the most beautiful, strong and wonderful wives. I was so empowered by their stories and at the same time we shed tears listening to each other stories. I felt like I had finally someone that understood exactly how I felt, just like we shared the same feelings and at the same time we decided to strive for a better tomorrow. Overall I can just say that it was an amazing experience that I am so glad I had.

On another topic, many things have been amazing in our lives but still sometimes I feel like all these is surreal, it is like I am expecting to wake up and go back to where I left two and a half years ago. I have these days when I want to wake up and go back and some other days that I just want to keep going and make huge differences in people lives. I received so many e-mails about the posting I did long time ago about “marriage after a brain injury”. I will do a second part because there is so much I can share, not just my experiences but my perspective of things. I would just say, hang in there, sometimes it may feel like you are in an emotional roller coaster and yes that is normal, but tighten your seatbelts that and don’t let go easy :)

Thank you for all your patience. I know I have been MIA but please keep writing me e-mails at and I will be honest and answer all of your questions, after all we are all in similar boats, similar storms so let’s share the strategy to keep floating and stay alive. Until the next time, make sure you take care of yourself while you care for your loved one, take one day at a time and do not let negative thoughts come to your mind. Know that I am here of you need me and together WE WILL THRIVE. God Bless!


  1. ATTA GIRL ROXANNA!!!! God had this happen to you two for this exact reason. You are such a power couple. We all need you. ((((HUGS)))) to you. love Lee


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