Veterans Day

Last Friday we celebrated Veterans Day and soon we will be celebrating Thanksgiving. On Veterans Day I took Victor to dinner and we had a wonderful day. I thanked him for ALL he has done specially all his sacrifices. I feel Victor sacrificed his health for the Freedom of this Great Nation and I love when he tells me, he will do it all over again in a heart bit. Sometimes, things that we take for granted are taken from us. I am glad I never took my husband for granted because I always ppreciated all he was and now all he is.

Veterans day for me it is everyday. The appreciation I have for all their sacrifice is always there. I am grateful for a Nation that values and recognizes their veterans. We, the spouses of military play a vital role in their performance and their well being. We, the spouses are what I call the backbone of the family, because we keep it all together while they are gone; so I am also thankful for all those military spouses that chose the sacrifice of living a life different than others.

Reflecting in last week's celebration I was reassured in how blessed Victor and I are. We are still together when he could have died, he walks, he talks, he sees and well, we have a long list of blessings that we enjoy every day. Sometimes I see how people are ready to be completely devastated because of unexpected circumstances in their lives. I chose to look the other way and started counting all the great things that I still have. My husband has his days, some better than others. The bad days he can be blunt and don't even notice or he makes bad judgements or he cannot make simple decisions. Those days are becoming more uncommon each year and it is getting better.

I am THANKFUL because the day my husband was wounded he wasn't KIA, that despite his brain injury he is full of hope and keeps improving every day. Victor may not be the same person he was but he is a wonderful new version ;) If you reflect in your life, there are always things to be thankful for. I am thankful you are reading this blog and it is my hope that if you are in my shoes that you don't feel lonely and if you are not in my shoes then even better :) I want to share my experiences because some caregivers feel they are alone when in reality they are not.

In this blog I always try to bring some positive spin to all life circumstances. There are days that are better than others and there are days that the smile is wider than others but one thing is for sure; "keep smiling because situations should not define our state of being but our state of being defines how we will overcome those



  1. Roxana, you write very eloquently about your husband, his circumstance and your new life. I know the path you're walking -- not military related but TBI. My husband fell from a ladder doing routine maintenance at our home 7 years ago and is now in a wheelchair. Caregiver days are never easy but they can be rewarding. And you're right: at least our husbands are HERE. I'm thankful for you that your husband is physically able to walk because that truly IS a blessing! I, too, am glad to have consistency in every day, even though it's a challenge I wouldn't wish on anyone. I wish you every good thing possible! Jo-Lynn (my blog is at

  2. Please email me! I have a question about your blog :)

  3. Dear Accessqueen, thank you for your kind words and for your positive attitute. Most of all, thank you for supporting and loving your husband. You are a champion and I admire your strength :) I am here if you ever need to talk!


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