Dedicated to a TBI Warrior

Today I rejoice in so many blessings in my life. On June 29, 2009 my life turned 180degrees and redirected my path to a new direction, one that I never expected to live. My husband sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and what happened afterwards is a long story. At first it was like having my heart ripped apart and I asked myself "Who is this new man I am sharing my life with?"

As life started to take a new meaning and new direction, it was like been in the center of a tornado, many thoughts, frustration, sadness, sorrow and dissapointments in many areas revolving around us. I remembered seeing my husband so sad, frustrated and feeling worthless. He would say to me "Now, what I am going to do? I am no longer good at anything". My heart would again just break but I wanted him to feel empowered and started asking him, What skills are intact and what would you like to do? Victor and I have a strong and beautiful support system. One of our great supporters who I work for, a very smart and wise man said "tell Victor to start a blog about his healing journey, tell him to start narrating his story". At firts my husband lack of initiative and din't do but months later, one day he woke up with the enthusiasm to tell his story. Since them the healing journey has been one full of victories because we take one day at a time and we shape our lives based on the blessings more than what we lack. Today I want to say, I am so proud of my husband Victor because he is a true Warrior, one that is conquering his health issues and is thriving, always keeping in mind his ultimate goal, reaching others and help those who struggle with his same condition.

Read his latest posting in Military Health System:


  1. You two are so Blessed to have each other. God put you in this situation to do get things!
    I'm so happy that I got to know both of you.
    love ya, Lee

  2. Thanks Lee, we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Thanks for your genuine friendship :) Hugs!


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