New Year, New Goals and Hope!!!

Happy New Year to all my friends. The beginning of a new year is most of the time the beginning of new goals that we expect to fulfill. It is common to set goals based on lived experiences so this year one of my goals is to never give up hope. Hope is the key ingredient to expect what your heart desires. My hope is that I can have happinnes, love, patience, wisdom and all those characteristics that will help me succeed in whatever should come to my life.

When I think of the year 2010 it makes me wonder where did it go, it went so fast, it was so hectic, so accelerated that I barely had time to enjoy myself like I used to. This year I will try to do meaningful things that will deliver postive outcomes and that will make me happy. Things that will be new experiences during this year will be my husband’s medical retirement. I know many unexpected situations and new adjustments will come with this new change in our lives.

This first quarter of the year I want to write about the medical retirement process. I believe this will help other spouses that will soon be going through this phase of military life. I will also write about brain injury from a personal point of view as a caregiver. I will start school next week and I am advancing in my doctoral degree which is great. As part of my pre-dissertation I will conduct a pilot study also in soldiers with brain injury and their perspective from their own lived experiences. Also I was asked to start a blog in spanish (my native language) so this is another thing I would like to do.

There are many goals I want to accomplish this year but the most important is to take care of myself, never forgetting what really matters, family and friends.Please feel free to suggest anything you would like for me to write, ask questions, I am very open and will be honest with my answers. After all this blog is to help others know that they are not alone and that lived experiences are meant to be shared 


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