The Day My Life Turned 180 Degrees

On June 28, 2009 I was on my way to work with my friend Alex. We decided that since my husband was deployed and we had to go to Colorado it was good a great idea to make a road trip from El Paso, TX to Colorado Springs, CO. We had a great time and so much that we forgot about cars running with gas, so we had a moment of panic when we almost ran out of gas. We laugh and we had a great road trip, I enjoyed tremendously. During our trip I was very nervous that I would miss my husband’s call in the strip between Albuquerque and Santa Fe, NM. This is one of the things about deployment, if I missed a call that was the most devastating event I could have, so I always tried to be available and that is sometimes difficult to manage with work and meetings etc. Well, finally I received that so pleasant call from my husband. He told me “I Love You” and he also said “I am so happy with you that if I could I would marry you again and repeat our live all over again”. Wow! That was so romantic. We hanged up and then I felt something weird, I told my friend Alex “This time feels different” but I never imagined it was the last time I would talk to my husband Victor, what I call the original version of him.

On June 29th, 2009 at 4:20 a.m. MT I received the call that I never wanted to answer. My husband called very confused from a hospital after an Explosive form Projectile (EFP) hit his vehicle during a mission in Iraq. My heart stopped and I tried to respond very strong and I told to myself “Roxana, don’t you dare cry he cannot notice, be strong”. I knew that this time it was serious, it was different. I called my mom immediately and then I cried and was sobbing, I felt so far, so alone, so by myself. I was in a hotel and did not want to bother anyone but I really needed someone to hug me and say that everything was going to be alright. At 10 a.m I received the official call and I remember hearing some say “Is this Roxana Delgado?” I responded “yes” and then the man proceeded to say “Ma’m my name is SFC Hernandez and I am calling on behalf of the Department of the Army” then he paused and I was in total silence. He asked me, “when was the last time you spoke with your husband?” and I replied “Today at 4 a.m.”, then he said “So you must know by now” “We regret to inform you that your husband is in medical care after sustaining injuries during a mission”. I took a deep breath and then I felt relief, I said to myself “Okay this I knew already so I am happy he is stills somewhere and he is not gone”.

June 29, 2009 changed our lives and redirected us to a different path, one of love, compassion, understanding, sacrifices and patience. What a new journey full of new experiences, love and memories that will redefine who we are and why we exist. I invite you to get on the ride and share your experiences or anything you want with us.


  1. Having a loved one deployed is by far the toughest thing anybody can go through,.. the constant worrie, the constant fear, it is gut wrenching, but all the while you cant help but feel so proud of your loved one. Thank God I was one of the lucky ones, I didnt recieve that call or knock on my door. I am so glad you are sharing your story, many civialians who are uneffected by war and who enjoy their freedom here at home just doen't relize the strength it takes to have a loved one serve. Your personal experience and your journey will shed so much insight, I only hope many will have the oppertunity to read along and even more, share with others.


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